What is Circular Business?

Businesses need growth which is sustainable from both the economic and environmental perspectives. Environmental sustainability is often considered a liability or responsibility by businesses and seen as an unnecessary cost. For businesses to be profitable the environmental consideration must be embedded in strategies for economic sustainability and the solution lies in the Circular Economy.

Implementing Circular Economy principles in businesses requires a systematic assessment of all enterprise activities including business models, product design, manufacturing, supply chain, end-of-life product management and customer needs.

The bottom line of businesses is being affected by limiting access to resources. The rise of the middle class due to emerging economies puts unprecedented burden on the natural resources, thus contributing to high market volatility. This scenario requires a proactive approach to developing products and services with economic and environmental performance embedded in the business models. In response, businesses have started exploring opportunities beyond the linear take-make-sale paradigm and policy makers are putting emphasis on rethinking the conventional consumption approach of buy-use-dispose. CirBES offers services to industries that are willing to implement circular business models.

We educate and train people to understand the essentials for a transition from linear to circular business including implementation. We start by analysing the current business space and propose appropriate circular business models that fit to the needs of our clients i.e. their markets and their customers. Tailored to the business model, design strategies for upgradeability and efficient reverse flows are formulated. Supply chains are analysed and organised accordingly to synchronise forward and reverse value streams for efficient recovery and distribution of products. All these activities are managed to maximize value recovery both from economic and environmental perspectives. In doing so, we use state-of-the-art methodologies and tools including those developed by the CirBES team. We also provide guidance to our clients on life cycle information management to sustain and improve the adopted circular business approach.

Specialising in implementation of the circular economy principles, CirBES paves the way to creating new value for businesses, environment and society simultaneously.

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