CirBES Story

We are passionate about a sustainable future which we see as harmony between economic prosperity and our natural environment.

In our quest to finding alternative business models for sustained economic competitiveness of our manufacturing industry, in the wake of dwindling resources and deteriorating environment- we started exploring the idea of resource reuse and its potential advantages for the manufacturing industry. We soon realised that the notion of circular systems has a potential to revolutionise manufacturing industry as it stands for an entirely new way of ‘doing business’. In fact, the idea of a start-up came up during one of our intensively engaging discussions. Hence, CirBES was born! With an engineering outlook to finding economically competitive and ecologically feasible solutions we proceed systematically; analysing each individual company and its entire manufacturing set-up in a system perspective- business model, product design, supply chain and IT infrastructure- we provide expert advice and support in enabling a smooth transition from linear to circular systems. In this ‘bottom-up’ approach we strengthen leadership and competitiveness in manufacturing industry.

CirBES operates as a ‘change agent’ supporting manufacturing industry to facilitate transitions from linear to circular systems. Our ambition is to provide end-to-end services in understanding needs, analysing potential and implementing solutions in going and growing circular.
Our vision of circular economy is a regenerative manufacturing industry where economic opportunities and prosperity is integrated with environmental sustainability.

We are engineering professionals from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm having backgrounds in manufacturing and sustainability. Research is both our profession and passion that has motivated us to rethink the role of manufacturing industry in socio-economic sustainability of our societies. We have been part of developing a new paradigm- Resource Conservative Manufacturing- a novel way of manufacturing. In this new systemic approach of resource conservation by design we aim to preserve our natural capital while increasing competitiveness and prosperity.

CirBES is founded by a young and highly interdisciplinary team with a very open mind-set. Get to know each CirBES member by reading their individual CirBES stories.

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CirBES Founder Team

Saman Amir

Business development


CirBES was founded in 2014 but my association with sustainability dates back well into 2002. I was introduced to sustainability during my graduate studies and fell in love with the idea of sustainable businesses. Sustainability followed me all those years both in the form of projects during my studies at KTH and teaching activities at Karolinska Institutet. In my passion for sustainability a system perspective, especially looking through the lens of circular economy, was missing in the traditional sustainability canvas. Now one can easily connect the dots, from ideas to implementation of new business models where sustainability is embedded as a desired business objective rather than an add-on for a green image. Driven by the potential of circular economy I teamed up with the cofounders of CirBES and set-off on a journey to enabling companies transform their businesses from linear to circular models.

Dr. Farazee Asif

Training & Research


I explored circular economy during my research and discovered that circular economy can change the way business is done today. It was already evident to me that the linear business approach involving take-make-dispose is putting tremendous pressure on natural resources and environment. I realized that manufacturing industries need to adopt the circular business approach of take-make-use-reuse; a key enabler for business growth that embeds economic and environmental sustainability. Being aware of the two dimensional potential of circular economy I spent many sleepless nights thinking of how to use my knowledge and expertise beyond the research to enable industries in this transition. I shared my thoughts with my colleagues and understood that they share the same vision and ambition to go beyond their conventional professions. Under these circumstances our natural step was to found a company that can act as a change agent to enable industries to transform.

Malvina Roci

Project Management and Implementation
I am truly passionate about the emerging circular economy concepts, which highlight the need for a paradigm shift towards an environmentally and economically regenerative economy. I came into contact with circular economy during my doctoral studies which are focused on developing analysis methods and tools to support manufacturing industry in its transition from linear to circular manufacturing systems. CirBES paves the way to creating new value for businesses, environment and society. This is why I am thrilled with the opportunity of joining the CirBES team and working with brilliant people on engaging and challenging problems that have a positive impact on society.


CirBES Skills

Creation of holistic solutions for the transition from linear to circular businesses together with our educational background, experience in research and above all innovative thinking towards transition scenarios is what sets us apart from the conventional strategy businesses.

We have knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

  • Design strategies for circular products
  • Supply chain management
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Sustainable development
  • Project management
  • Lean management
  • Resource productivity assessment
  • Business model innovation
  • Information management

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